School Choice/Supplemental Education Services

Public School Choice

All parents/guardians of students attending a Program Improvement (PI) school have the right to request a transfer for their child to a non-PI school in the district with paid transportation costs. The number of students who can transfer with paid transportation may be limited by the amount of money available for transportation costs. If there is not enough money available, the lowest-achieving students from low-income families will be given priority. Approval of an application for a student does not mean that an application for siblings will be approved automatically. Letters were sent to all qualifying schools.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Students from low-income families at continuing PI schools, whose parents did not select a school choice option, are eligible for free tutoring (SES). These services are classes or tutoring which occur outside the regular school day with educational providers approved by the State Board of Education. If the number of eligible students who apply for the SES program exceeds the financial resources available, the lowest achieving students from low-income families will receive SES first.

2015-16 Application for Free Tutoring - Hmong | Spanish

School Choice and SES Participation Report

Information on the number of students who are eligible for and the number of students who participated in Public School Choice and SES beginning with data from 2007-08.

2014-15 Report on Participation in SES and School Choices